Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sarah Palin channels Newt Gingrich

What, are they sharing one brain? (Or half a brain?)

Just a quick note. In case you missed it, Sarah Palin seems to have jumped on the Newt Gingrich bandwagon.

Remember a few months ago when Newt Gingrich said that anyone who quoted him was lying?

Literally: “Any ad which quotes what I said on Sunday is a falsehood.

That's what Palin said yesterday.

Here's her original statement:

“Granted Barack Obama has never been, I think, seen in the conventional, traditional way of we who would describe a man of valor, so it shouldn’t surprise us that Barack Obama would accept that dirty money and try to get reelected with it. But I think it does not bode well for our president’s character to not speak out against that dirty money. …
“People must be aware of his radical past, his radical associations. Even today, look at who he has chosen to be his czars. He has chosen the most radical of the radicals in certain areas of expertise, Sean. … He has chosen these people because what went into his thinking through those college years, through years probably before his college years and his profession as a community organizer, what went into his thinking was this philosophy of radicalism, based on the people whom he chose to be around. …
“He is bringing us back, Sean, to days — you can hearken back to days before the Civil War, when unfortunately too many Americans mistakenly believed that not all men were created equal.”

And here's how the new Obama ad quotes her:

“Barack Obama has never been … seen in the conventional, traditional way of we who would describe a man of valor.”

In the edited clip, Palin goes on to accuse the president of harboring a “philosophy of radicalism” and of wanting to bring the country back to “days before the Civil War … before those days when we were in different classes, based on income, based on color of skin.”

Granted, the ad doesn't quote every single word Palin has ever said, but it is entirely accurate in its characterization of what she said. There is absolutely no distortion of her meaning, just a shortening of her statement to make a point and get the ad within the one-minute time window.

Of course, like Gingrich, Sarah Palin doesn't like it when people tell the truth about her.

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Blogger Mark McCullough said...

Since her political career is clearly over, someone must be paying her to come out and say these things now. Or maybe she's trying to build up a current resume going into the contested convention. Either way, she's just a footnote to history now. Posterity will not record anything after her loss in the general in 2008. And "GAME CHANGE".....we'll remember that. You betcha!

March 14, 2012 9:14 AM  

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