Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time to recognize Governor Phil Hoff

If you drive down State St. in Montpelier, in the vicinity of the State House, you will drive by Governor Davis Avenue and then, very shortly, Governor Aiken Avenue. Together they take you toward the entrances at the two ends of the State House.

What you will not see, either on the maps of our state or on any public building, is a recognition of Governor Phil Hoff.

The authors of a recent biography of Phil Hoff teach us that "No individual deserves more credit (or in the view of political rivals more blame) for the transformation of Vermont than Philip Hoff." Nevertheless, they also tell us that Governor Hoff's memory has been neglected, and where other prominent politicians are honored by parks, state buildings, and roads, there is no building or other monument to Hoff's accomplishments.

Half a century has passed since Phil Hoff was first elected governor, yet we have no physical monument to remind us of his years of service. While on the national stage we have too often been subject to premature idolization, as in the nationwide urge to name things after John Kennedy after his assassination or Ronald Reagan after his death, but Phil Hoff's achievements as governor have stood the test of time.

It is long overdue to recognize Phil Hoff in the buildings or roads of Vermont.

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Blogger Rich Cassidy said...


I can hardly claim to be impartial, as I met Phil when I was 8, worked hard as a volunteer in his '70 Senate race, and he has been my mentor and friend since 1982.

That said, I am convinced you are right. His accomplishments have stood the test of time, and some permanent public recognition is overdue.

Rich Cassidy

March 17, 2012 10:09 PM  

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