Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Hate the sinner . . ."

You know how the extreme Right likes to talk about Islam, and how Islam doesn't fit into western society because its particular brand of theocracy is incompatible with the respect for pluralism and human rights we observe here?

Hold onto your hats, but it turns out that Islam may not be the only religion that puts a low price on individual rights.

For instance, here's what happened at a Catholic funeral the other day.

The guy also refused to stay on the altar while she gave the eulogy. Or to go to the burial.

I guess he didn't tell her "Who gives a rat's ass that your mother's dead?" but he really didn't have to, did he?

Even the diocese said it was against "policy", but it appears that their objection had to do with the public nature of what he did, rather than the substance of it.

It's their club, they get to make their own rules. Still, I know that when I used to be a Catholic I was taught to judge people by their actions.

I think I've seen enough.



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