Thursday, March 01, 2012

No difference?

UPDATE: This guy has now filed a judicial conduct complaint against himself.

Of course, there's nothing stopping him from just retiring, right? Except that the black guy would get to appoint his replacement.

It's an election year, and as November draws near we can count on the usual drivel from people who claim there's no difference between the two parties and there's not a dime's worth of difference between President Obama and whichever assclown winds up with the Republican nomination.

So I'll just point something out.

The Supreme Court appointments get most of the attention, but the lower court judges are also important, not least because they form the pool from which Supreme Court justices and Circuit Court judges are frequently drawn. We also know that Bush was notably more successful getting judges appointed and confirmed than President Obama has been.

When we have a Republican president this is the kind of appointee we get:

I won't reprint the supposed joke, but even this guy admitted that it was a racist joke (while denying that he is a racist).

This guy was appointed to the court a mere six months before Bush was installed in the White House by the corrupt, Rehnquist/Scalia Supreme Court.

Vote for whoever you want, but remember the consequences.

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