Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Republicans, Defenders of Liberty

I swear, the Republicans couldn't find the moral high ground if you gave them a fucking map!

You remember the story from the other night about the two women hauled out of the House of Representatives, one antiwar and one pro-war, both for wearing T-shirts with messages on them.

The husband of the pro-war person, Representative C.W. Bill Young (R, Fla.) (and by the way, what's with that name?), was on the floor of the House yesterday, loudly decrying the way the government was suppressing speech. Great moment, right? What an opportunity to show that even in time of war, the Republicans are in favor of free speech and vigorous debate, right? Kind of like the ACLU in Skokie, proving that it's not about the politics of the thing, it's about the bedrock principle of freedom of speech.

Unfortunately, Young had other plans.

Wait for it. . .

Here's what he says in today's Post:

Young said he wouldn't be so mad if it were just Sheehan. "I totally disagree with everything she stands for," he said. But by removing his wife, Gainer's officers clearly "acted precipitously," Young said.

So I guess it isn't about principle after all.

Topo maps, anyone?


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