Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hillary for President?

I don't know a single Democrat who wants Hillary Clinton to run for President, do you?

You know who wants her to run? Rush Limbaugh. The Republicans. That's who keeps up the drum beat that she's going to run. They know that she's their biggest fund raiser, that her name on a direct mail campaign is money in the bank to them.

I've never been quite sure why the wingers hate her so much; maybe it's because she's a strong woman. (For that matter, it's always been hard to understand why the Republicans hated Bill Clinton, the most conservative Democratic President since Woodrow Wilson or before, either, but that's another story.) Still, they hate her, and they know that she's a polarizing figure, and they are pretty confident that she'll lose every state if she runs, so naturally they want her to run. The question is, why should we listen to them?

Here's what Molly Ivins has to say about her.


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