Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Seeding the Grass Roots

I wanted to pass along to you a notice I just got from Democracy for America. They have organized a series of training events for grassroots activists. They already have thirteen scheduled.

I'm still figuring out how I can get to one (unfortunately I can't do the one in my hometown this weekend), and I urge everyone to register and go.

With Sam Alito moving one step closer to the Supreme Court today, it is even more clear that our country is moving in the wrong direction.

Fortunately, this is an election year. We have a chance to elect Democratic majorities in Congress and win governerships, state legislatures and local offices across the country. With lots of shoe leather and hope for a better future, we can win the elections we need to take our country back -- but it takes skills.

Most of these campaigns will be tough battles that will take smart, well-trained activists executing sound strategies to win. That's why the DFA Training Academy is gearing up for its most ambitious year ever -- with 13 trainings planned for the first half of 2006.

Click on the city nearest you to sign up:

Jan. 28-29: Montpelier, VT
Feb. 4: Glens Falls, NY
Feb. 11-12: Elizabethtown, KY
Feb. 25-26: Philadelphia, PA
Mar. 11-12: Sierra Vista, AZ
Mar. 18-19: Stockton, CA
Mar. 25-26: Memphis, TN
Apr. 8-9: Moline, IA
Apr. 22-23: Miami, FL
May 6-7: Asheville, NC
May 20-21: Portland, OR
Jun. 3-4: Columbus, OH
Jun. 10-11: Denver, CO

The DFA Training Academy is a unique opportunity to work closely with top-notch political operatives and experienced grassroots veterans on the fundamentals of developing a message, communicating with voters, and building the army of volunteers needed to win.

We have the power to change this country, but the forces lined up against us are powerful. That's why we need to train. The more people at the grassroots who know how to run and win elections means the sooner we can put our country back on track. So, join a DFA training today:

Over 4,000 activists have graduated from the DFA Training Academy in the last two years - and they are on the front lines of the fight today. One of those graduates is Val Keehn who recently wrote:

"The two-day DFA training that I attended this past summer in Cazenovia, NY was very comprehensive, informational, and inspirational. There was no fluff.....just reality about running an effective campaign. The one message that stuck with me throughout my own campaign was 'campaigns are won door-to-door and face-to-face with the voters.' DFA had a huge impact on my attitude as a candidate."

Val took the strategies and tactics she learned home to her campaign in Saratoga Springs. Today, she is "Mayor Valerie Keehn." And her success is just a taste of what's in store for 2006.

So, if Sam Alito on the Supreme Court upsets you as much as it does me, I hope you'll sign up for a DFA Training Academy event near you today. Running the best campaign possible is a prerequisite to victory. And training is essential for running a great campaign.

You have the power, now get the skills. I hope to see you soon.


Arshad Hasan
DFA Training Academy Coordinator


Blogger Morgan W. Brown said...


Just wanted you to know that the DFA training link you posted is broken and needs fixing.

This is why whenever I link to anything within a post I always check it once I publish the post to make certain it works as it is easy enough to end up with a deadlink, I know.

January 26, 2006 5:29 AM  
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