Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Freedom of Speech

This is just infuriating. I didn't watch last night, but I certainly read the news today, including this story about Cindy Sheehan being arrested for wearing a T-shirt.

Actually, it's about the fact that antiwar Cindy Sheehan gets arrested while pro-war Congressional wife Beverly Young is escorted out of the room for doing the same thing. What was the difference? The only difference that I can see is the message on the shirt, and these days disagreeing with the President can get you arrested.

True, they are recommending that the feds dismiss the charges against Sheehan, and the chief of the capitol police has been induced to try to apologize to her (don't you wish you were at the meeting where they told him that he had to do that?), but this is not an isolated incident. This has been going on for years when Bush wants to silence people who disagree with him.

It makes you wonder why they don't grasp the fact that this is the United States. The whole country is a free speech zone.


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