Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hard-hitting reporting

I watched the NBC News tonight, per my usual routine (All Things Considered on the way home, then McNeill-Lehrer, then NBC News) and among the stories about the successful bin Laden mission and whether the photos would be released Chuck Todd reported that three Senators had said that they had seen the photos, only to be corrected by the White House.

End of story.

What he left out:

1. They did see a photo, it's just that it was the faked, photoshopped photo that was making the rounds on the Internet earlier in the week.

2. All three Senators who said they had seen the picture were Republicans.

Sure, it could have been anyone, but since it was well known who the three were, why not tell the world? Especially since one of them was Saxby Chambliss, the vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In answer to your implied question: No. Of course I don't think it's important for the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee to be able to tell the difference between a real photo of the most wanted man in the world and a fake. I wonder why NBC didn't mention that they were all Republicans? hmmmmm....

May 05, 2011 9:28 AM  

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