Thursday, January 06, 2011

Israel blows it

This week Israel had the chance to draw a contrast between its own ideas and religious totalitarianism. It had the chance to demonstrate that unlike countries dominated by radical Islam, Israel is a land and a culture of free expression and open debate.

You won't be surprised to learn that Israel once again failed the test.

Look at Pakistan and what do you see? Vicious government suppression of dissent, the use of the death penalty for blasphemy, and the assassination of a state governor for his opposition to blasphemy laws.

And in Israel? Noam Chomsky, a man who single-handedly started a scientific revolution in the field of linguistics, and who is known the world over for his progressive politics and writings, is denied entry.

Typically, Israel won't give a reason. Nevertheless, if the government of Israel is determined to silence its critics, it has little claim to the support or respect of the United States.

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