Thursday, December 30, 2010

Go see this movie.

But only if you can stand being brought back to the level of anger and frustration you felt at the time the Bush people were lying us into invading Iraq the first time around.

I don't watch horror movies, slasher movies, or that kind of thing, but watching Fair Game the other night I felt the way you feel when the scantily-dressed young woman starts wandering around the abandoned house. "Don't open that door!" Only in this case it's more wanting to yell out "That's a lie!" every time you hear something from Condoleezza Rice or George Bush.

I had my questions about Fair Game, mostly because I had a hard time seeing Sean Penn as Joe Wilson, but he was great, Naomi Watts was great as Valerie Plame. The roles of that rat-faced weasel Scooter Libby and that porcine toad Karl Rove were also perfectly cast.

It was kind of like watching All the President's Men. The history is very recent, you remember most of it from when it was happening, and it confirms the viciousness of the crimes of the Bush administration. The movie even did a good job of explaining why the two most obvious lies from the Bush people--the yellowcake from Niger and the aluminum tubes--were pure fabrications.

One funny coincidence is that I happened to see this movie the same day I learned from Romenesko's Twitter feed that Dick Cheney's stenographer, Judy Miller, is now writing for that right-wing publication Newsmax.

Thanks, Judy.

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