Thursday, September 09, 2010

Bush's Gulf of Tonkin resolution

David Corn has a great review of the Poodle's new memoir in which he recounts a fact, apparently incontrovertible, that Blair completely ignores in his detailed, 700-page book. The only rational explanation is that it proves that everything else Blair says is a lie, and that he knows the war was a fraud from the beginning.

You may remember the time, shortly before the invasion, when Blair flew to the United States to meet with Bush in the Oval Office. The gist of the story is that there are notes from this meeting that demonstrate that not only had Bush already made the decision to invade, but that he broached the idea of creating a phony provocation to give Blair and the U.N. cover to support the invasion.

So this proves what? That Bush is a lying sack of shit? Of course, we all already knew that.

This is a book, though, in which Blair calls Bush the most courageous politician he has ever known. Because of this meeting, Blair knew that the pretense for the war was a fraud, and he observed Bush's thought process in concocting a fraud to support the war.

By failing to even discuss this story, Blair proves that he, like Bush, is a worthless liar.

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