Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crazy from the fringe, chapter 3

Well, maybe this should really be titled "Stupid from the fringe", but I think it's consistent with previous entries.

Have you heard of Conservapedia? It's a right-wing alternative to the standard online sources of information created by Andy Schlafly, Phyllis's boy, to protect conservatives from having their minds polluted by facts, which they might find if they were subjected to the unfiltered truth.

I haven't spent a lot of time there, but I can assure you that there is no shortage of laughs if you want to delve in. For instance, they devote over a thousand words on the topic "Obama is possibly the first Muslim President".

Our topic today, though, is in the realm of science. For instance, they present an extensive discussion of "Counterexamples to evolution", complete with a caricature of Charles Darwin as an ape.

Or, the topic Josh covered this past week: Einstein was all wrong. That E=mc^2 stuff? It's complete nonsense. And how do we know? Because the Bible tells us so.

Schlafly also points to the Bible as a reason that Einstein's theory must be wrong:

9. The action-at-a-distance by Jesus, described in John 4:46-54.

Conservapedia defines "action-at-a-distance" as "Action at a distance consists of affecting a distant body instantaneously. At the atom level, this is known as "non-locality." In non-confusing terms, that indicates the ability to cause something to happen instantaneously in another location (i.e., faster than the speed of light). Since Jesus could, reportedly, do this, thus Einstein is wrong. Schlafly's evidence is John 4:46-54, in which Jesus reportedly cured someone's son just by saying it had happened.

If you're wondering, like Conservapedia, the genius behind this particular post appears to be Andy-boy himself.

Oh yes--Andy is also a professor at Eagle Forum University, and their classes are absolutely free, so if you want to hear more of his wisdom than you can find at Conservapedia, make sure to check out his scholarship on "Principles of Microeconomics" or "Evolution Fallacies"

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Blogger Joe said...

All this shows what happens if one tries to rationalize the incorrectness of out-of-date information.

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