Saturday, July 24, 2010

Daniel Schorr, Dead at 93

Regular listeners to NPR will remember Daniel Schorr's last year as a sage, avuncular presence on Weekend Edition. He will be missed in that role.

What is more important to remember, though, is how he got to be Daniel Schorr. If you read his Times obituary you see that his journalistic career is a record of getting fired repeatedly by the so-called liberal media for standing up for his principles: Facing down a contempt of Congress charge for refusing to name a confidential source, leaking an important story to the Village Voice when CBS was too cowardly to run it, refusing to cohost a panel discussion of the Republican National Convention with party apparatchik John Connally.

Of course, his greatest honor was to be named on Nixon's infamous Enemies List.

He can serve as a model for all of us.

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