Sunday, September 05, 2010

More Republican/Conservative hypocrisy, Northern Lights Edition

Interesting profile in the Times of Joe Miller, the teabagger candidate for Senate up in Alaska.

John Hahn, an old friend of mine makes the following observations:

Here is a guy, running for senate on an anti-government platform (ie. Tea party)

Yet he went to West Point - a government school
Served in the Army a government run org.
then Yale Law School on government money
Moved to Alaska & became a local magistrate - a government job.
Then became a Federal magistrate - another government job

BTW he has a family of 10 Each of whom receive the AK resident benefit.

As a lawyer he served as assistant attorney for a county government in AK.
From that job he got health care coverage for his family of 10.
The County also paid for his Masters Degree in economics

I guess the question is which government does he not like? The part that does not employ him?

It doesn't stop there. What does he do for a living now?

Mr. Miller’s private practice often handles cases involving insurance claims made by individuals, according to Ward Merdes, a lawyer who worked on several cases with Mr. Miller.

“David and Goliath stuff,” Mr. Merdes said. “We represented little guys against big guys.”

That's right, exactly the kind of cases that John Edwards and trial lawyers all over the country handle, representing the Davids injured by medical malpractice and dangerous and defective products against the Goliaths of the insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. The ones that Republicans are in bed with; I guarantee you if he gets in he'll be screaming about the trial lawyers like all the rest of them.

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