Thursday, May 22, 2008

My first Obama spam

As a delegate to our state convention, pledged to support Obama, I've been getting a lot of emails from other Obama delegates who want to be delegates to the national convention. I would say it's way more than I got in 2004. Today was a new one, however. I got my first true spam in the guise of an Obama mailing.

Here's part of the text:

Email-Subject: Where to find stronger general election weapon for Obama of Democratic Party? The latest evidence shows that Bush was the killer of the crisis of second mortgage loan true …how Bush trade out the power of control exchange rate beg for Communism China for betray benefits of American & Japanese…behind letter to Obama of Prospective President of USA!

As the office of Obama general election do not have either fax number or email address, please transmit to Obama urgent!

Zhen-man Lin


The Email records for Republic-party are stated as below

It goes on, with the kind of illiterate text you often see in Nigeria scam messages, and links that you wouldn't want to take the chance of clicking on.

It's a brave new world, eh?


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