Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Times on ethanol

The Times has an editorial today on the environmental harms and public policy issues of ethanol fuel. It contains facts that I didn't know, including that ethanol is not consuming 25% of our corn production. If you were wondering about the high prices, both here and in Mexico, look no farther.

The time has come for Congress to rethink ethanol, an alternative fuel that has lately fallen from favor. Specifically, it is time to end an outdated tax break for corn ethanol and to call a timeout in the fivefold increase in ethanol production mandated in the 2007 energy bill.

The editorial explains that not only does corn ethanol cause food shortages, it contributes to global warming. What the editorial doesn't mention, but seems equally important, is that it discourages energy efficiency by enabling us to pretend that we will have abundant sources of energy even beyond peak oil. I encourage you to read the rest of it.


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