Thursday, January 03, 2008

Great speech by Obama

I just got done listening to Barack Obama's speech and I thought it was great, both in content and in delivery. Although he didn't explicitly mention race until the end, throughout the whole speech he was talking about accomplishing the impossible by his victory. This was an obvious reference to his race, and the exciting possibility that a black man could be elected president. He talked about the meaning of tonight's events, and in a St. Crispin's Day vein he talked about what we will be saying about tonight when we talk about it years from now.
I thought his delivery was excellent, also. There were moments, especially early in the speech, when he drew out his vowels in a way reminiscent of Martin Luther King, not in any obvious way, but very effectively.
I want to be very positive about Obama, although he still isn't my first choice. There's no question, though, that he can give a great speech, which is still important.


Blogger Leney said...

One thing I do really love about Obama is the fact that he's bringing skill in public speaking back into the equation. I've been listening to his Podcast for a little over a year now & the man does give amazing speeches... Hands down, if this was a speech and debate competition he'd have my vote. ('s I don't really know who has it yet. *sigh*)

January 06, 2008 10:16 PM  

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