Thursday, January 03, 2008

What's happened in Iowa?

There are some interesting results on both sides.
On the Democratic side Obama obviously wins, as expected. What I find encouraging is that the voters went for the progressive Edwards, and the progressive-seeming Obama over Clinton. She obviously isn't going anywhere because she isn't going to run out of money, but it's good to see her taken down a bit. I'll be very interested to see what happens in New Hampshire. As I write this, Wolf Blitzer is saying that Chris Dodd is dropping out, which makes sense.

Over on the side of the cossacks--oops, Republicans--I wouldn't have been surprised to see either of the religious nuts win, and it happens to be Huckleberry this time. The other interesting thing is that right now the semi-comatose Thompson (actually, Josh just says comatose) seems to be leading McCain, which seems to undermine the claims of a McCain surge. If this holds up I doubt that Thompson will drop out before South Carolina, since he's already bagged New Hampshire ("plumb tuckered out", I think he said). If McCain doesn't show them something in New Hampshire, what's his reason for staying in the race? I think the obvious reason is that all the other candidates are such wack jobs that they are totally unacceptable. If you go down the list of R's it seems that they are all so terrible that nobody can win, with the possible exception of McCain, so by process of elimination he may get to be the last man standing. Not tonight, of course.


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