Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The law in its infinite majesty . . .

forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets and to steal bread" - Anatole France.

From today's Times:

Pennsylvania Woman Sentenced in Theft of $1.85

A judge on Monday sentenced a woman to prison for telling her 6-year-old daughter to steal a volunteer fire company's fund-raising jar, a crime that netted $1.85. The woman, Judith Weidner, 42, told the police she needed the change for gasoline, but in court she blamed a heroin addiction. Judge David W. Addy sentenced her to one to three years in prison for the January 2005 theft.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The USA has a triple or quadruple or even more standards of justice.

It should be obvious to all but the masses of brainwashed Americans appear to be convinced the USA legal system is akin to our medical care systems....

"Well... America IS the best country in the world so all aspects of it simply have to also be the best."

What a logical irrational belief.

So, the Greek or the Swede or Japanese who proudly proclaims HIS or HER country is the best in the world is lying or deluded and needs to be set straight since everybody KNOWS the USA is best!!!!

Is the lack of logic apparent?

To that individual making the proclamation it may be logical but the vast majority of Americans I hear braying that declaration actually believe it to be true globally.

Our legal system is based on the adversarial system that was designed to maximize lawyer's incomes.

An equitable system would be designed to discover the truth as accurately as possible to maximize the success rate of separating the guilty from the innocent.

After that is accomplished protecting the good people from the bad would come next then attempting, if possible, to encourage wrong doers from repeating their mistake and attempt to be a decent person.

Those unable to do so should be banished from civil society.

Very minor anti-social behavior should be handled accordingly. Especially if no physical harm was done and nobody suffered economic harm to any great extent.

Let common sense rule the day.

October 02, 2009 11:45 PM  
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