Thursday, June 01, 2006

You really need to train people for this?

Great news: The U.S. military has just announced a new training program.

Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the commander of U.S.-led forces, said the core-values training would emphasize "professional military values and the importance of disciplined, professional conduct in combat" as well as Iraqi cultural expectations.

"As military professionals, it is important that we take time to reflect on the values that separate us from our enemies," Chiarelli said. "The challenge for us is to make sure the actions of a few do not tarnish the good work of the many."

The training will be conducted in units in the next 30 days and was aimed at reinforcing training service members received prior to their deployment, according to the statement.

What this means, apparently, is that they'll train our soldiers and Marines not to go on rampages, break into houses, and kill women, children, old people, and people in wheelchairs.

How hard is it to get that lesson across? They have to be trained for this?

I guess this explains why we were greeted with flowers and chocolates, huh?


Anonymous odum said...

This disturbs me so deeply, because I know there is a history of honor among a certan tradition of warriors. A tradition supposedly embraced by our own military.

Yet more and more, I fear "honor" is equated to "not snitching on your buddies" - it's lowest-grade component - rather than the true, historic meaning of honorable rules of warfare. All is not fair in love OR war, morally speaking.

June 04, 2006 10:28 PM  

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