Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another attack on the workers

This is just disgusting. I was watching the news on my local PBS station tonight when I saw an ad--oops, I mean underwriting notice--that featured a series of working people talking about what they like about their unions. Only it wasn't really working people, and they really weren't talking about their unions, it was a commercial from a right-wing union busting group. They claim to report "the 12.5 million facts union officials don't want you to know."

Sounds pretty interesting, right? It also might be helpful if you could go to their web page and find out who they are, but that's a little more complicated. You go to their "About us" page and you don't find anything about who runs the site, just more anti-union rhetoric. The only contact information you can find on the site is for reporters.

Fortunately, the Center for Media & Democracy has investigated and guess what: the whole thing is run by a union-busting lawyer and funded by a bunch of right-wing corporations and foundations, nice folks like Wal-Mart.

In these times workers are under attack. Airlines and other corporations are shortchanging workers' pension funds. Union busters selling "union avoidance information" peddle their union decertification manuals on the Internet. Here in Vermont, union-busting school officials seek to roll back health care benefits and force unionized teachers to strike. In the face of all this activity we need to expose astroturf organizations like


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