Thursday, July 12, 2012

Five Democrats to Vote Against

Well, three actually.

As you know, we're all about electing more and better Democrats. Today's post focuses on the "better Democrats" side of the formula.

This week the Republicans in the House of Representatives, rather than try to do something productive for the country, voted for the thirty-second time to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And when I say "the Republicans" I mean it, because every single Republican in the House voted for the repeal.

What you might not know is that there were also five so-called Democrats who voted with them. If you're reading this the odds are that you're not eligible to vote for or against these guys, but if you are, please take my advice and vote against them.

The Filthy Five are: Dan Boren (Okla.), Mike Ross (Ark.), Mike McIntyre (N.C.), Larry Kissell (N.C.), Jim Matheson (Utah).

Boren and Ross are not running for reelection, McIntyre, Kissell, and Matheson are.

The reasons they voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act are pretty obvious: they're all in conservative districts dominated by Republicans, the voters in their districts voted against Obama in 2008, and they have little chance to get elected taking Democratic positions. So does that mean we should have a heart, recognize that they're doing the best they can, and just be glad there are D's holding those seats?

I don't think so. All of these guys voted against the Affordable Care Act when it was passed. Some of them have refused to endorse President Obama's reelection, are anti-choice, and have voted for things like a balanced budget amendment.

In other words, they're indistinguishable from Republicans of the most vicious stripe.

If you live in these guys' districts, do not vote Democratic.


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