Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is any comment necessary?

Finally, the Catholic Church is going to start taking misconduct by its clergy seriously.

What misconduct? Why, obviously, it's the epidemic of bishops ordaining women. What were you thinking?

No, seriously, the vicar of Christ wants to be sure he is not misunderstood.

Making a woman a priest is as sinful as abusing a child, the Roman Catholic Church declared yesterday.

Apparently they really mean it this time. They have concluded that their old favorite technique for dealing with misbehavior--ignoring it and transferring the offender to an unsuspecting parish--is not sufficient punishment for a bishop with the temerity to ordain women. 

The new rules mean that priests can be defrocked or excommunicated for paedophile offences, sexual abuse of mentally handicapped adults or attempting to ordain women.

Finally. Now that they've been clear beyond any question, maybe people will start taking the church seriously as a moral arbiter again.


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