Monday, October 31, 2011

In case you were wondering

The gay/lesbian mafia have absolutely taken over America.

Get a load of this story from the Daily News:

Happy is the head that wears the crown.

San Diego area high school senior and self-identified lesbian Rebeca Arellano has been voted homecoming king by her fellow Patrick Henry High school peers

Fortunately, ever at the ready, the readers of the Daily News will not take this lying down, and they are responding with characteristic articulateness and perspicacity:

Homecoming q·u·e·e·r???!

Enough is enough already.

Can't wait til some of the Butches decide to want to try out for the NFL or NHL. Then we'll see how tough they really are. I pretty much believe when a woman wants to be just like a man...its a SICKNESS!!!!

Read more:

This girl has to be one of the biggest idiots ever to not realize that she's the biggest joke of her school and now possibly the country.

Read more:

Oh, my goodness! If this can happen in a high school in San Diego, that pretty much makes a mockery of the true meaning of kings, monarchy, and the divine right of kings, doesn't it?

I can see why people would be so upset about this.

Of course, to be technical, since none of the previous contestants were of royal blood they probably weren't real kings either, were they?


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