Monday, October 10, 2011

You owe it to yourself

UPDATE: Nothing happened!

Okay, just getting back to this.
Not only did nothing happen, but if you go to the site you will see that nobody on the site--not one person--has come back to the site to discuss or evaluate the dire predictions they made.
I guess they haven't internalized the whole process of testing your hypothesis.

To take a look at this site. It's called Prophecies Psychic Prediction Registry, and the name tells you the whole story.

If you're some kind of crackpot and you think you can predict the future, you can log on to the Psychic Prediction Registry and go on the record with your harebrained prediction.

Because after all,
Everyone may be psychic to some degree and we occasionally have a dream or premonition of future events. Prophecies is here to provide a public repository where anyone can submit predictions of the future to be shared, recorded and validated.

Or, if you're curious, you can look up any date in the future and see what's going to happen.

For instance, let's see what's going to happen tomorrow.

A few nights ago while lying in bed, I began to see a vision as I closed my eyes. I was not asleep it was not a dream. I seen it was a bright sunny day as the sky was blue and there was not a cloud in the sky. I was standing on a hill or elevated area which seemed to be out in a desert area (I guess like Arizona or Nevada?). I live in North Carolina so I know it was not in this area... Anyways, as I was gazing out over this hill into the horizon I began to see these very large mushroom clouds billowing into the sky which were probibly about 3-5 miles away from where I was standing on that hill. There were at least 6 of these huge clouds in the distance as if someone had dropped nuclear missles in a line? Anyways, I stopped myself from seeing anymore of this vision as I opened my eyes. The next morning as I awoke from a dream I had during the night I replayed over and over in my head a specific date. I am not sure if this date matches with what I had seen in the vision the night before. But the only thing I remembered from that dream was this date= 10-11-2011. Does anyone else get anything on that date or have some insight to this vision? Thanks

That's from Jen, and a few other psychic predictors have some possible interpretations:

Maybe a vision in reference to future events in the Middle-East?


my first thought was that you were sensing that an earthquake in the desert southwest or nevada (nuclear testing grounds) would be precursors to an earthquake in North Carolina or the surrounding region.


I had a dream about this date also back in september. In my dream a small nuclear weapon was detonated in NYC, I had a specific location but I don't want to say it for fear that this post might become misconstrued as a threat. Basically in my dream I was in nyc and a nuke went taking out a good chunk of the city and of course damaging the rest. In my dream the devil or a demon talked to me and told me this is only the start, and told me to remember today october 11 2011. Following this I viewed a calendar clearly showing oct 11 2011. Later I made it to my town, and someone said I can't believe this no one will forget oct 11 2011. At the end of the dream I was on a bus filled with first responders going towards the city to help and the man sitting next to me turned to me and said don't forget october 11 2011 and I woke up. It was the most vivid dream I have ever had, and it has been haunting me ever since.


I analyzed the date given in your dream and have found it to be very calm. Hopefully this could mean an intervention or prevention of what you saw may come on that date. I normally forecast natural disasters based on analyzing the dates they may occur on based in Chinese Astrology and numerology. October 11, 2011 ranks as one of the best dates possible, disaster-free.

So there you have it: a nuclear detonation in the Southwest or North Carolina, or possibly something in the Middle East, or possibly a nuclear attack in New York City, or possibly a day that is completely disaster-free.

I can hardly wait to find out. Let's set our calendars to watch this day together, okay?

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