Thursday, February 12, 2009

A few quick notes

What's the story with Judd Gregg? I mean, I couldn't figure out what use Obama had for him from the beginning, but what could lead him to pull out today? What could there possibly be that he didn't know before he told Obama he would take the job?

Two judges are accused of taking millions of dollars in bribes to send teenagers to private prisons in Pennsylvania. This is beyond mind-boggling. In the last thirty years or so I've known lots of judges, many of whom have been intolerant, bigoted, and absolutely biased against my clients from the word "Go". But I've never know one who would do this.
UPDATED: They've already pled guilty.

They say sports build character? No, they reveal it. The Vermont Principals' Association has imposed a lifetime ban on a basketball coach who intentionally tripped an opposing player running down the court.

Steve Shepardson was coaching the Poultney boys junior varsity team in a home game against Proctor on Jan. 5 when the incident occurred, VPA Director of Activities Bob Johnson said.

And then in today's paper: A Poultney High School basketball coach who was issued a lifetime coaching ban by the Vermont Principals’ Association on Friday for intentionally tripping an opposing player during a game was ejected for misconduct as a fan Tuesday evening from a Fair Haven Middle School tournament, officials said Wednesday.


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