Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This is really an update from yesterday's post about Ted Stevens. As it happened, I've been watching reruns of Season Five of the best television series ever, and last night's episode was the one where Clay Davis finally went to trial over his bribery charges. If you haven't seen Season Five you should stop reading now, but if you have, you'll remember that in this episode, when the law has him dead to rights, with incontrovertible evidence that he was using charities to enrich himself and he'll finally get what he deserves, Clay Davis takes the stand, and using all his political gifts, convinces the jury either that he had a perfectly innocent explanation of where the money went, or that it was about time that one of theirs got off. Anyway, a manifestly guilty Clay Davis walks, unbowed, and, among other things, the ego of the prosecutor is to blame.

Kind of ironic given the timing. Not too far from the B'more courtroom where Clay Davis got off, the manifestly guilty Ted Stevens gets the bracelets, figuratively anyway.

And if he were of a mind to do so, Ted Stevens might borrow a line from Clay Davis and intone,


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