Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain to voters: Fix the problem I caused

Okay, he didn't really say that. It would be nice if he did, since he bears more than a little responsibility for selling Bush's tax cut plans.

What he did say, though, is almost as good. In short, we can't afford Bush III, a/k/a McCain and his tax cut plans.

WASHINGTON (Sept. 13) - Alan Greenspan says the country can't afford tax cuts of the magnitude proposed by Republican presidential contender John McCain — at least not without a corresponding reduction in government spending.

So what's the big deal, say the Republicans, we'll just cut spending. In fact, that's exactly what McBush is saying. We just know it's a lie. It was a lie when Bush said it, so why believe it now?

Howard Dean was right: people are learning that the Republicans are the ones who can't be trusted with their money.


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