Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Primary News

It's primary day here in Vermont. Yes, even though the general election is just eight weeks away, this is when we have our primaries.

The big news is in Montpelier. We had three candidates running for our two House of Representatives seats: incumbents Warren Kitzmiller and Jon Anderson, and challenger Mary Hooper, the mayor of a city about the size of Wasilla, Alaska. Most Democrats were unhappy with Anderson when, after being appointed by our Republican governor, voted to sustain a veto in his first vote on the job. Still, he knocked on almost every door in the city, had yard signs all over the place (even, or should I say especially, in Republican neighborhoods), so he was given a good shot at holding onto his seat.
Tonight the votes are in:
Mary Hooper--900
Warren Kitzmiller--829
Jon Anderson--583.

I guess the people have spoken.

Then, look to the Midwest. After a fast start, followed by a few stumbles, the man running for the chance to be the funniest member of the U.S. Senate has made it to the general election. As Franken has won Minnesota's DFL primary, setting him up to run against Republican nonentity Norm Coleman in the general election.


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