Saturday, August 30, 2008

Random thoughts on the Convention

I missed some of the highlights, like the roll call, that I always enjoy. Still, I think there were some great speeches and events this week, and some that were a bit lacking. Here are some of my reactions.

Obama's speech: As I said before, I liked it. It had substance, it showed his ability to attack McBush, and it also brought in the emotional content that really pulls people together.

Al Gore's speech: the content was great, probably the best speech I've ever heard him give. I was dissatisfied by the presentation. He talked too fast, and stepped on all his applause lines. It made me wonder if they had the TelePrompter going too fast so they could hustle him off the stage to get Obama on. If they were running long, why not can that first boring song that Stevie did, or, better yet, can Michael McDonald completely?

The Clintons' speeches: I haven't watched his speech yet, but I thought Hillary Clinton's speech was really good. A number of people I talked to said it brought tears to their eyes. After eight years of Obama as president she'll still be qualified, and Biden will be too old.

Chelsea Clinton: After all the shit she's had to put up with from the right wing, especially Limbaugh, she's turned out great. Any parent would be proud to have raised such a smart, poised, articulate daughter. Whatever their personal failings, the Clintons obviously did something right.

Best line of the week: It's got to be Barney Smith: "I want a president who will put Barney Smith ahead of Smith Barney." I don't know, or care, who wrote that.


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