Friday, August 15, 2008

Block Evan Bayh

For his whole political career, Evan Bayh has been trading on his family name, and his connection to his father, liberal senator Birch Bayh. Now there is a threat that Bayh, who is showing every sign of being Lieberman Lite, is posing a threat to become Obama's vice presidential candidate, and activists don't like it.

I wrote about Bayh two years ago, when he was one of a handful of Democratic senators to support a flag-burning amendment; he lined up with the likes of John McCain, Bill Frist, and George "Macaca" Allen in support of this amendment. He was also one of the cochairs, with Lieberman and McCain of a prowar coalition, although he now claims he doesn't remember that.

Once again, activists are working to stop Obama from making this disastrous choice. Let's hope we can be more successful than we were in the FISA fight.


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