Thursday, April 03, 2008

How and why the MSM are in the tank for McCain

There has finally started to be some real coverage of how the MSM are constantly sucking up to McCain.
We have this story from the New Yorker about how he strokes reporters on his bus.
The Times just ran an op-ed piece exploring why they are so enamored of McCain, and what it means for press coverage.
There was also a diavlog between Glenn Greenwald and Ana Marie Cox (I had no idea how insufferable she was until I watched this) in which Glenn attempts to debate the issue and Ana Marie spends the entire time trying to either evade the question or dismiss it without arguing it; while she attacks the Neil Gabler piece for assuming it's true, she finds it inconceivable without attempting to rebut any of the claims made either in the op-ed piece or by Glenn Greenwald.
Finally, we have another clue to what's going on: a video posted on YouTube by McCain's daughter that shows the whole gang of reporters laughing it up with McCain at his house in Sedona, barbecuing some kind of meat with him, and otherwise acting like courtiers instead of journalists.
Of course they're in the tank for him: he's friendly, jovial, and he makes them feel like the close friends of this admitted war hero. I'm guessing they don't spend much time around war heroes, and after they do they get to think about themselves as his friends, and they get to congratulate themselves, or to tell their families and friends the things he confides in them on the bus that he doesn't say to the voters.

It's time to start calling the press on it when they do this.


Blogger Brendan said...

Might be worth pointing out for the less politically addicted that Ana Marie Cox, formerly of Wonkette, now works for Time magazine, and more importantly, has been riding around with the McCain campaign for quite some time now.

April 03, 2008 4:55 PM  

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