Friday, January 25, 2008

Come on, guys, act like Democrats!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Bush Administration announced today that they've made a deal to roll out tax rebates and other goodies as an economic stimulus package.
I'm not here to argue about whether we need a stimulus package, but I do want to call out the D's in the House, and call on the D's in the Senate to fix what they've done.

Look at what the deal is: rebates of $600 per person earning up to $75,000 or $1200 per couple with up to $150,000 in income, and phased out as you go above those levels. $70 billion in tax cuts for businesses.

What's not in the bill? Or really, what did they take out? How about extensions of unemployment compensation for people who are out of work and whose benefits are running not? That's out--those people don't deserve the help. How about increases in Food Stamps? Ditto--who needs it?

Remember, money that we pay out in Food Stamps and unemployment benefits is going straight to people who really need it, and they're going to spend the money in their communities pretty much as soon as they get it.

Too damn bad for them, though, huh?

You can see what's going on here, can't you? The D's don't want to be tagged with giving handouts to people who aren't working. In other words, in the wake of Obama's words of praise for Ronald Reagan, the leadership in the House is lining up with Reagan's old canard about the worthy and unworthy poor.

If you're a Democrat, and you're not doing what you can to fight poverty, what the hell good are you?


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