Wednesday, April 04, 2007

McCain: stroll anywhere you like in Baghdad

You are probably aware of McCain's bullshit line the other day about how things are just hunky-dory in Baghdad. The surge is working, everything's fine, you could just go for a stroll there in perfect safety.

First off, we know it's a lie. Here's the picture of McCain taking a little stroll in a market in Baghdad.
Pretty much the way you go for a stroll, say to the farmer's market in your town, right?

“What are they talking about?” Ali Jassim Faiyad, the owner of an electrical appliances shop in the market, said Monday. “The security procedures were abnormal!”

The delegation arrived at the market, which is called Shorja, on Sunday with more than 100 soldiers in armored Humvees — the equivalent of an entire company — and attack helicopters circled overhead, a senior American military official in Baghdad said. The soldiers redirected traffic from the area and restricted access to the Americans, witnesses said, and sharpshooters were posted on the roofs. The congressmen wore bulletproof vests throughout their hourlong visit.

“They paralyzed the market when they came,” Mr. Faiyad said during an interview in his shop on Monday. “This was only for the media.”

“like a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime,” offered Representative Mike Pence, an Indiana Republican who was a member of the delegation.

And now get a load of this:

A newborn baby was one of at least 14 children and adults killed when a suicide bomber detonated a lorry laden with explosives close to a primary school in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk yesterday.

The latest massacre of Iraqi children came as 21 Shia market workers were ambushed, bound and shot dead north of the capital. The victims came from the Baghdad market visited the previous day by John McCain, the US presidential candidate, who said that an American security plan in the capital was starting to show signs of progress.

Sometimes I think these guys are just contemptible. Sometimes they're unspeakably vile.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, isn't it, where the straight talk express has led? Bad enough he has to go to Falwell's "university", but now he feels he has to go halfway around the world to find a worthy opportunity to pander. But to whom this time? Can there be an American with two brain cells left who will believe any more conservative crap about how we're making great progress in Iraq?

April 05, 2007 1:18 AM  

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