Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Let's not kid ourselves

That useless DINO Lieberman has finally come out and admitted that he's going to run as an Independent if he loses the Democratic primary in Connecticut, which seems increasingly likely. The problem is, even with that he won't come out and tell the truth about what he's doing.

Here's what I mean. Here's an excerpt from the letter he sent out:

I want to tell you that I have made the decision to allow signatures to be collected that will enable me to appear on the November Ballot as an individual Democratic candidate for re-election to the Senate if I don’t win the Democratic Party’s nomination in the Primary on August 8th.

Now there are two parts of this claim that are disingenuous at best. First, he says he's allowing signatures to be collected. He's pretending that he has nothing to do with it, and that it's just his devoted followers and supporters who are insisting on getting those signatures. Is there any chance that this is true? Absolutely not. If he were going to do the right thing, and accept the decision of the voters of what he claims is his party, he would come out right now and say he'll support the winner of the primary, no matter who it is. Yet here he is, pretending that it's someone else who's organizing the petition drive.

Second, he says that if he gets on the ballot he'll be an individual Democratic candidate. Again, bullshit! There will be one Democratic candidate on the ballot in November, and if he loses it won't be him. He wants to pretend that he's the one guy upholding the values of the Party, but maybe he should have thought of that before he puckered up for W.


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