Thursday, April 20, 2006

The incredible shrinking party affiliation

The other day Josh mentioned his observation that the media don't seem to bother to mention the party affiliation when it's a Republican involved, but they always seem to manage to mention a Democratic connection.

Here's another example : The mayor or ex-mayor of Norristown, Pa., was recently convicted in federal court of bribery, among other things. Here are a couple of links to local newspaper stories that describe the case and the charges, but neglect to mention the guy's party affiliation. Finally, the third quote is from the story in the Inquirer and it doesn't mention LeBlanc's party affiliation, but it does mention that two of the witnesses against him are his Democratic opponents. Again, if you get corruption in the story, apparently it's mandatory to get the name of the Democratic Party in too.

Residents say corruption has hurt Norristown

LeBlanc Found Guilty

Two of LeBlanc's Democratic foes, Councilwoman Rochelle Griffin Culbreath and former Councilwoman Margaret Hunsicker, are on the prosecutor's witness list.

LeBlanc's lawyer, Stephen J. Britt, suggested he will attack the motives of LeBlanc's accusers.

"The people lining up against Ted have a reason to trash him," Britt said.

So what is LeBlanc's party affiliation?


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