Sunday, April 02, 2006

Where's the integrity?

Maybe people should start taking a closer look at John McCain, and maybe come to the realization that the claims that are made for him as an independent thinker, man of integrity, and so forth, are just bogus.
He was right back in 2000 when he listed Jerry Falwell as one of the "agents of intolerance" who were poisoning the American political dialogue by pandering to the extremes of left and right. (He included Al Sharpton in this category, a characterization I agree with.)
Now he's running for president again but he knows he needs the intolerant base of the Republican Party, so he's changed his tune. He's speaking at Falwell's Liberty University [sic] next month, and today on Meet the Press he said he's changed his mind (about Falwell, presumably not about Sharpton). Did he say what has changed about Falwell to change his mind? Not at all.
Coupled with his sucking up to Bush this would seem to seal the true picture. We can't expect the R's to turn away from him, but what about getting the moderates, independents, and Democrats to start seeing him for what he is?


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