Saturday, April 14, 2012

A new window on the character of John Edwards

John Edwards's trial started this week, and the news just provides more revelations about what a scummy character he is.

When John Edwards started running for president I was in his camp. Among other things, he was the only candidate who really made eradicating poverty the central theme of his campaign. Luckily, given what we have learned since his campaign ended, he didn't become our candidate.

I don't care who politicians sleep with. For that matter, I don't much care who regular people sleep with. When John Edwards was running for president, though, asking people to vote for him, work for him, and give him money, while at the same time he knew he was carrying on an extramarital affair that was bound to demolish his campaign when it came out (hint: it always comes out), that's when I do care. He wasn't just putting his marriage and his family at risk, he was putting the faith and efforts of millions of Democrats across the country, and the fate of the 2008 election, at risk.

So that makes him pretty low in my book, but now it turns out that he's even worse.

His trial started this week, and the news is carrying reports on the potential witnesses both for and against him. According to the Charlotte News and Observer: Cate Edwards, the grown daughter of the former presidential candidate and one-term Democratic senator, could be called to testify on her father’s behalf.

He doesn't have to do this. He could plead guilty. He could decide not to involve his daughter. Instead, he's having his daughter testify to defend him against charges that he gave campaign money to the woman he was having an affair with while his wife, his daughter's mother, was dying of cancer.

How do you do that to your kid?


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How stupid?

That is the question. How stupid do you have to be to be a member of the Republican caucus?

Tonight's case in point: Alan West, R. Fla. His latest entry comes in response to a question from a constituent.

"What percentage of the American legislature do you think are card carrying Marxists or neo-Castro Socialists?"

Watch the video for his answer.

Oh, and by the way, his people claim he was misquoted, but guess what: it's a video!

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