Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fiscal Responsibility, Tea Party style

Any Tea Party supporters around here might be interested in hearing how your elected representatives interpret the concepts of personal responsibility and fiscal responsibility.

For instance, here's a Tea Party member of Congress from Georgia who just got sued for not paying back a loan worth more than two million dollars. His excuse? "They knew I couldn't pay it back, so it's the bank's fault!"

CALHOUN -- While U.S. Rep. Tom Graves was calling for fiscal responsibility in Washington his attorney was arguing in a lawsuit that a North Georgia bank is at fault for issuing Graves a $2.2 million loan the bank knew he could not repay.

Put this guy together with the Tea Party Republican and deadbeat dad Joe Walsh and you get a picture of people who are in no position to be pointing fingers at the government or anyone else.

With guys like this in Congress I guess it's no surprise the Tea Party doesn't think the government should pay its bills.

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Blogger DDddd said...

Default? don't these people realize that it's like the gov deciding to not pay for our car? or our house? Blank check? WTF?

August 13, 2011 1:40 PM  

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