Thursday, May 06, 2010

More crazy from the fringe, chapter two

Okay, you know the idea now.

Today is kind of an all-purpose loony tunes. When you get a natural disaster, or even a run of bad weather, it tends to bring the nuts out, like the woman who commented to me one summer when I was working as a letter carrier that the reason for the hot weather was because we had sent manned spacecraft to the moon. "We should never have started messing with that," was her concise explanation.

What's bigger these days than the oil spill? Not really a natural disaster, but close enough.

It's also big enough to spawn multiple unhinged theories:

Questions about the oil spill
1. Could it have been sabotage by radical enviornmentalist's seeking to poison the debate about off shore drilling? Nobody has indicated such a thing, but would they?


Oil rig in the Gulf sunk by a North Korean torpedo

Any comment needed? I think not.


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