Thursday, January 07, 2010

Republicans have the solution to terrorism

Why didn't they tell us it was this easy?

Speaking on ABC this week, Rep. Peter King had the solution to global terrorism.

George Stephanopolous asked "one other specific recommendation the president could implement."

"One main thing would be, just himself, to use the word 'terrorism' more often," King said.

Back in 1947, a Republican senator from Michigan, Arthur Vandenberg, made the observation that "politics stops at the water's edge".
The statement became a catch phrase for people who didn't believe that domestic politics should be subordinated to the interests of national security. While Bush was president the Republicans never missed the chance to trot out this principle to silence legitimate criticism of Bush's unjustified international adventures.

Of course, now that the President is a Democrat things look a little different in a party that Arthur Vandenberg wouldn't recognize. One example is Peter King's theory that what we need to do to fix terrorism is to have Obama start saying "terrorism" more.

Another example is the way the Republicans have responded to the Christmas Day attempted bombing. Bolster the national security apparatus? Try to understand the motivations of terrorists and potential terrorists?

Nope, they have a better idea: raise money for Republicans. In a letter just three days after the attempted Christmas bombing--yes, three days, including Saturday, December 26 and Sunday, December 27, Peter Hoekstra, R, Mich., sent out a letter urging people to "make a most generous contribution of $25, $50, $100 or even $250 to [his] campaign" for governor of Michigan.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee quickly followed suit: To you and me and our friends throughout America, the healthcare bill is a man-made disaster. And when a foreigner tries to blow up an airliner, it is an attempted terrorist attack.

Now more than ever we need a check in the Senate to stop the radical Obama agenda down until we elect a Republican President in 2012.

Get involved today. Tomorrow night at midnight, we close the books on 2009. Donate $10 to help us close out the year strong, and forward this to 5 of your friends so we can get their email and keep them up to date with what is happening in DC.

We've already seen them show their true colors on health care, working to ensure that that the effort to reform health care will be Obama's "Waterloo", and now we're seeing the same thing on terrorism. Even when the safety of the United States don't give a rat's ass about the public interest, but are concerned only with their own political advantage.

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