Sunday, October 18, 2009

Local author makes good

My friend Kevin Brown has been working on a series of local mysteries for years. The first one is out, and today he got a nice write-up in the Times Argus about it.

History mystery

For Montpelier writer Kevin Macneil Brown, the abandoned roads, overgrown paths and historic waterways of New England offer up stories both real and imagined. The protagonist of his recently self-published mystery novel, "Compass, Water, Stone and Time," is historian and trail runner Liam Dutra. When an ancient, tattered journal comes his way, the quest for answers leads him to the surprising connections between an 1866 rebellion by Irish Republicans in Vermont and a series of present-day murders taking place in the shadows of nearby Irish Hill Ridge.

Brown has written articles exploring nature, history and outdoor adventure for New England magazines and newspapers. He also performs with the local country-rock band Rusty Romance.

His book is available at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier and other local stores.

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