Friday, April 24, 2009

A Walking Seal

One of the key arguments we regularly hear from creationists is that evolution can't be true because there are no transitional fossils. At least, they argue that what they call macroevolution can't happen because there are no transitional fossils between species, which would be predicted if one species had evolved into another.

Of course it's a lie, but most people who have the misfortune of encountering creationists don't know enough about the evidence to disprove it, so you might be interested in this new story of a newly discovered transitional fossil, a walking seal, so different from any existing animal that it has its own genus and species, Puijila darwini.

You should go over and take a look. It's pretty interesting, including a 3-D reconstruction of the fossil.

By the way, interesting name, huh? In a move that must be particularly galling to creationists, it was selected specifically to honor Charles Darwin, who predicted the existence of this very animal in The Origin of Species.

"A strictly terrestrial animal, by occasionally hunting for food in shallow water, then in streams or lakes, might at last be converted into an animal so thoroughly aquatic as to brave the open ocean".

So if you find yourself talking to one of those godbots, and they start blathering about the lack of transitional species, tell them about this one.

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