Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The big Fan in the sky

Update--10/29/07--I guess God just didn't want the Rockies to win.

I like my baseball as much as the next guy, so I might as well do some blogging during a long inning, with my Red Sox up 10-1 in Game One--strike that--11-1. Oops--I mean 13-1.

Anyway, you may have noticed that every time you turn on the game, especially football, you see some player with underdeveloped powers of critical thinking thanking God for his help in today's game. Maybe it's help hitting a home run, or catching an important pass. You pretty much never hear a guy pointing up to the heavens right after striking out, although it might seem logical that he'd rather blame divine interference when he can't catch up with a fast ball, especially if the pitcher is more devout than he is.

It may not be a big surprise to you, but this isn't all spontaneous. There are all these organizations of Christians going out and recruiting athletes, so that whenever there are sports on there is someone giving you the message that god has a plan for you, so you'd better line up with the guy who covers the most yards from scrimmage.

There's a good story about this phenomenon in Slate today, and it gives you some insight into how these guys think. You'd never believe it if you hadn't read it: Other evangelicals, including the FCA and AIA, hold that God may care who wins the game and may even intervene, but that it's foolish of players to presume to read His mind. "Does God care? I would say yes, but we don't know who He wants to win. God has plans for you however the game comes out."

So this explains a lot, doesn't it? For instance, why is Southern California burning uncontrollably? Hey, the World Series is on. God's watching the game.


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