Sunday, September 09, 2007

Who's calling out the Bush Administration?

[Cheney chief of staff] Addington and other top officials treated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act the same way they handled other laws they objected to: “They blew through them in secret based on flimsy legal opinions that they guarded closely so no one could question the legal basis for the operations,” he writes. Goldsmith’s first experienced this extraordinary concealment, or “strict compartmentalization,” in late 2003 when, he recalls, Addington angrily denied a request by the N.S.A.’s inspector general to see a copy of the Office of Legal Counsel’s legal analysis supporting the secret surveillance program. “Before I arrived in O.L.C., not even N.S.A. lawyers were allowed to see the Justice Department’s legal analysis of what N.S.A. was doing,” Goldsmith writes.

This is part of an important article in today's Times Magazine about Jack Goldsmith, an extremely conservative law professor who lasted less than a year in his job as the head of the Office of Legal Counsel. “I’m not a civil libertarian, and what I did wasn’t driven by concerns about civil liberties per se,”

Obviously you would think someone who is not a civil libertarian would feel right at home in the Bush Administration, but you should read the article to see what actually happened to him.


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